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60% of the employees do not participate in a corporate wellness program.

Let's change this today!

Corporate Wellness Program

by TAB Fit

TAB Fit provides 24/7, highly customizable LIVE training sessions.

The fully customizable training schedule provides physical, mental, emotional, and community-based training.

Including family therapy, psychologist, marriage counseling, sports coaches, work-life balance, and much more.

Our program motivates employees by matching them with potential fitness partners both locally and globally from within your organization.

TAB Fit for Corporates

Traditional Health Benefits

Holistic Approach for Employee Wellbeing

TAB understands that the new workplace restrictions have imposed new challenges for employees, paving the way for a hybrid employee wellness program.

Physical fitness

Access to 1:1 personal training, LIVE workouts by elite trainers, 100's of on-demand workouts, or joining teammates for a quick jog. Your employees are covered.

Mental Fitness

Ensure your employees feel supported and cared for by leveraging our mental health experts. Including customized counseling, consultation, and meditation.

Financial Fitness

Our experts ensure your employees have everything they need to tackle debt, manage expenses and maintain their overall financial health.

Team & Social Fitness

Increasingly remote work is driving people to lead more sedentary lives. They need friends and motivation, in the vicinity of their neighborhoods, workplaces, or anywhere.

Why TAB Fit for Corporates?

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