A wellness program that actually works for your employees!

77% of employees think that encouraging corporate fitness programs at the workplace enhances the company's culture. Encourage your A-team with the world’s first wellness program that leverages peer to peer connections to boost participation.

Boost company culture by creating a healthier and happier workplace.

With TAB Fit your employees can have unrestricted access to a holistic wellness program

All Round Wellness

Available on multiple platforms

Holistic Approach for Employee Wellbeing, the New Normal

In 2022, more companies are offering an enhanced wellness program to attract and retain talent, than ever before.

TAB Fit Corporates CEO Fitness podcast

CXO podcasts, success stories and Live workouts to boost your company culture.

Live Trainers On-Demand, 1:1 personal training

Corporate personal training
Corporate customized calendar

Customized wellness calendar for your employee needs

Analyze Employee Fitness Journeys

TAB Fit dashboard

By the Numbers

1 min
Average App Engagment

The average industry benchmark is 5.6 minutes.

1 +
Curated Trainer Partners

Onboard to cater to individual employee wellness needs.

1 %
Increase in average sessions per user

Users return to TAB Fit 2x more than any other app 


"I must compliment you guys for creating such a platform. A refreshing take on employee wellness."
Human Resources
Leading Indian Technology Company
"Great team, with a great platform. We've always struggled with employee participation in fitness programs. TAB will change that."
Chief Human Resources Officer
Top Digital Transformation Company
"It is the first time I've seen technology being leveraged to enable deeper motivation. A new age employee wellness program."
Cheif Executive Officer
Speciality Retail Chain Company

Our Team


Board Member

Satish Malhotra​

Satish is currently the CEO of the container store (Ex COO Sephora) and brings in tons of experience from his vast work in the field of beauty and fitness.​ Satish joins TAB as an esteemed board member.​


CEO, Board Member

Rohit Bhardwaj

Rohit is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, healthcare technology visionary, and advocate of sustainable fitness. For nearly two decades as a strategic sales and technology executive for firms like Edifecs, Cognizant, Infosys, and IBM. Is also the Founder of TAB Fit.


Fitness guru and Trainer onboarding expert​

Rachael Takesaka​

Rachael is a fitness expert and has a very powerful story of her own. She lost 80 pounds and is one of the pioneers in the online and in-person fitness world.​ Her job is to guide the team with the dos and don'ts of the fitness industry along with onboarding trainers to TAB.​


Board Advisor

Sandeep Kishore

Sandeep is a key strategist, proven CEO, trusted board director and advisor, highly effective coach. An alumnus of globally-renowned IIT Bombay, Sandeep is currently an Executive Partner at Siris Capital Group.


Will TAB Fit have access to PHI or HIPAA-related information of our employees?​

No, TAB Fit does not ask, retain or store any information related to the health conditions of your employees. We just need their name and age.

How about the privacy of our employees, can they be anonymous on TAB Fit?​

Employees can choose to be discreet while attending any wellness session, they will be assigned a temporary anonymous name for the session. The name, and the identity of the employee will not be shared with anyone(including the company)

Who will cover the liability of employee workouts during a wellness session?​

All the wellness sessions attended by your employees are a personal responsibility of their own and TAB Fit provides no liability to either the employees or the company. Every employee has to agree and sign our waiver agreement. This is a common industry practice.

What information or analytics will be shared back with the company?​

While being respectful of employee privacy and discretion, TAB Fit can easily share the usage information back with your HR or Employee wellness department

How does TAB Fit measure success?​

Overall personalized goals, assessments will be created and measured using in-app activity and data to ensure the effectiveness of our wellness program to drive healthier happier work culture.

How does TAB Fit plan to increase employee participation?​

With work life balance and support in a holistic approach to wellness. On TAB Fit all unique employee needs are heard, met, and available from anywhere and anytime in the world.

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