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A Place Where Everyone Fits.

Instantly find workout/sports partners, certified trainers

and a global fitness and sports community:


Connect in real-time—online and in-person.


Try the TAB fitness app today and enjoy unlimited access

to thousands of workout options + trainers, and more!

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Slide No. 1 fitness app No.1 Free Fitness App Take your fitness to the next level with TAB Fit Live workouts! Best part? They are completely free. Slide Join 24/7 Live workouts online 24/7 Live workouts TAB Fit Live's interactive group workouts keep you motivated every hour of the day. Slide Get personalised fitness plans Personalized Packages Customized training plans to suit your needs with a combination of fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being bundled into a single package. Slide Global fitness community Global Community With Tab Fit, remote personal training is fun and enjoyable. Let fitness buddies and trainers help you with home workouts from anywhere in the world. Slide Choose your Style Every group workout with TAB Fit Live is designed to meet specific goals - be it weight loss, strength & conditioning, meditation, or more. Slide Instant Training Instant video makes personal training from your phone a seamless experience. Train with your friends and trainers with a single tap. Slide 1-on-1 Personal Training Personalized fitness plans, guided 1-on1 workouts. Variety and affordability like never before, certified trainers are here to guide you every step of the way.

Choose what moves you

Personalised Fitness Plans

TAB Fit provides you a fitness plan with experts that fits your lifestyle, budget, and goals.


Getting Started
$ 60 One Time Payment
  • Live 1 on 1 Sessions
  • 1 x Fitness Session​
  • 1 x Nutrition Consultation
  • 1 x Yoga Session

Most Popular

Building A Habit
$ 280 One Time Payment
  • Live 1 on 1 Sessions
  • 10 x Fitness Session​
  • 2 x Nutrition Consultation
  • 2 x Yoga & Meditation Session
  • Unlimited Coach Conversations

Best Value

Achieving Goals
$ 740 One Time Payment
  • All Benefits Of Most Popular
  • 30 x Fitness Session​
  • 3 x Nutrition Consultation
  • 4 x Yoga & Meditation Session

Welcome to TAB.

TAB Fit instantly brings you a global community of buddies and trainers within a secure, trustworthy platform, and empowers you to set the terms for your workouts.
Using real-time location and buddy matching logic, TAB connects you with whom you’re most compatible and also allows you to bid on verified trainers at a price you can afford.
Using real-time location and buddy matching logic, TAB connects you with whom you’re most compatible and also allows you to bid on verified trainers at a price you can afford.
With TAB, you’re no longer bound to categories, training styles, or fixed prices. Whether it’s hitting the weights before work, remote yoga in your office, or a quick pick-up basketball game, TAB makes sure that what you have, is all you need.
With TAB, you’re no longer bound to categories, training styles, or fixed prices. Whether it’s hitting the weights before work, remote yoga in your office, or a quick pick-up basketball game, TAB makes sure that what you have, is all you need.

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Experience the Difference.


Buddy Matching Logic

TAB matches you with others based on your user profile and behaviors within the platform. This increased compatibility not only ensures a more effective workout experience today, but creates enduring fitness connections for tomorrow and beyond.

Background Check Verification

Background checks, certifications, and a member-driven rating structure work collectively to keep you safe and confident in your workouts—both online and in-person.


Full Market Transparency

Complete visibility on trainer rates, personal budgets, and the fitness goals of everyone within the TAB community, allowing you to offer your expertise and receive personal training—all within your preferred workout style and price range.

Client Testimonials

Slide " Tab fit is such a convenient fitness app that is easy to use. It connects all types of trainers and clients together. It’s exactly what the world needs right now, a new and safe way to get fit.” Rachael Takesaka, Coach turned community manager Slide Monik Ruiz “ I love how easy it is to meet new clients and share my passion for fitness with more people! TAB has changed my business and life for the better, thank you!” Monik Ruiz, Coach Slide “Tab Fit is a great way for me to meet and stay connected with like-minded people in the fitness community. I’m excited for more amazing features on top of what they already have!” Cassidy Trang, Buddy Slide “I like Tab-Fit a lot and would love to have more clients through it!” Josh Greenberg, Trainer


Common questions about online personal training with TAB Fit

In simple terms, YES! Online training isn’t anything new, for years now online training has gone through many trials of comparison to in-person and the data shows how it’s just as effective if not more than traditional in-person training.


Remarks such as finding a top-tier trainer from anywhere in the world have been a game-changer all the way to being able to fit in my workouts regardless of when and where has made fitness easier all go to show how effective online training can be. Give it a try with a TAB Trainer today instantly to see for yourself.

On TAB Fit you have the control. Find a trainer you want to work with, chat or set up a session with them, and work out on your own time.


In-app we will take care of the transaction with the coach when you pay for the session so all your information is safe and secure, AND when the session is about to start we will notify you and your coach to get ready.


For your session just open TAB Fit and join the session where you and your coach will meet for a live video workout session.

Each session is personally curated for your needs. When you book a session you’ll input the time, date, and length of your session so you can ensure your schedule is perfectly matched to when you want to workout.


When you book with a new trainer you will still have access to chatting before your session to make sure your needs and ideas for the session are met.

Life happens, and with TAB you’ll get our worry-free session booking system. If you ever need to cancel a session you’ll have access to all your sessions in the Train Dashboard that allows you to move around anything that doesn’t work for you any more free of charge.

TAB Fit brings you the top trainers from all over the world and makes it super easy to book.


To find a trainer go into your Home screen and toggle to coaches, we make sure that all the things you might be looking for in a coach are included in our filters so make sure to use that if you want something specific.


Once you input your filters a deck of trainers will appear so you can scroll through each trainer and their profile to find your perfect coach.

Use our safe payment guarantee we provide by inputting your card information into your wallet on the profile dashboard.


We make sure all personal details stay personal and the payment from you to your coach seamless.


Once you book we hold the funds and once the session is completed we pay the trainers.

If a trainer doesn’t show up to the session, don’t worry we have your back. Notify the TAB team by emailing us at: and report the profile.


We will make sure the funds you put in for the session are returned to you promptly.

Worried about aggravating an injury? Make sure to chat with your coach before you set up a session so they can understand how to curate your workout.


Working with a coach decreases the chances of injury and even helps with recovery when done right.

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