How To TAB?

As soon as you sign up, please allow TAB to access your location and send you notifications.


This is a must if you don’t want to miss out on your messages, matches, and training requests. Switch on SMS notifications if they work better for you. 


These video tutorials will help you familiarize yourself with TAB Fit. 

We have 4 key sections on the TAB Fit App.

Profile Section

Time to shine! Complete your profile simply by clicking your profile picture on the top left when you’re in the TAB Fit app, then tapping the green edit button located underneath your profile picture.


Options to change your age if incorrect and update your picture are conveniently located with other personal details such as your email and TABID. Having accurate information on your account helps make your community on TAB Fit more enjoyable and trustable. 


After you finish with those details exit out and look just above your profile picture where it says Complete your profile with a percentage symbol. When you click that TAB will help you complete your profile details so we can do the heavy lifting and give you fitness recommendations tailored to your needs.


If you’re wondering why you don’t see any notifications on your account while you’re away, tap the gear symbol on the top right that will take you to your settings. In that area you can turn on your notifications, delete your account, or log out.

Home section

Ready to make a new Buddy on TAB Fit?


On your homepage, you have two columns the first is “Buddy” a buddy is someone looking to work out with another buddy or coach and is not looking to train other people.


Simply open a buddy profile and if you decide you want to pair up send a “Send Buddy Request” to them by clicking the black large button that hovers at the bottom of a buddy profile.


When you do this you’ll be letting that user know you want to match up and exchange fitness ideas or workouts with them. 

When you switch over to the trainer side you’ll be viewing people who have said they want to train and help you with your fitness.


You can instantly request a session or chat with a trainer of your choosing on TAB Fit by opening their profile where you’ll notice that instead of the send buddy request button hovering at the bottom of their profile you’ll see the two options to either “Chat” or “Train”


If you’re looking for a trainer or workout buddy that has similar interests to you take note on the buddy side where you have the tool “Filter.” It’s located at the bottom near the menu in green. When you tap the filter a menu of options opens so you can pre-define who you would like to see in your deck of profiles.


On the Coach side, you have a second choice next to filter that gives you the option to choose if you would like to work with a certified trainer, a coach, or someone who has experience in fitness that they would like to share.

Fit-Matches, Chats, and Sessions

Let’s workout with our matches! In your menu located on the bottom of TAB Fit you’ll see a “Fit-Matches” section next to the Home section. When you enter the Fit-Match area you’ll see all your matches and buddy requests to workout.


Chatting with your matches is simple and you’ll see the option to message them right underneath their profile pictures. All your chats will also show up in your Fit-Matches section so you can keep track of your community contacts all in one area.


If you book a session with any of your matches or coaches you’ve been talking to you’ll get updates on your session that are under the “My Sessions” area.


My sessions show you all upcoming sessions, past sessions, and a calendar to simplify how you view your workouts. In that area, you’ll also have the ability to edit your sessions if necessary and view details on upcoming sessions.

Join Live

Workout with the global community on a live stream located in the “TAB Live” section.


TAB Live gives you a preview of all upcoming sessions happening on TAB Fit with the ability to join future lives and get reminders or jump in on lives that are happening currently. 


You can also create your own live stream by clicking the plus symbol located at the bottom left which will prompt you to fill out a live description.