Our Mission

To inspire action through interaction by connecting people in real-time and providing them with motivation, accountability, and the power to define their own fitness journeys.

The Board


Board Member

Satish Malhotra

Satish is currently the CEO of the container store (Ex COO Sephora) and brings in tons of experience from his vast work in the field of beauty and fitness. Satish joins TAB as an esteemed board member.


Board Member

Rohit Bhardwaj

Rohit is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, healthcare technology visionary, and advocate of sustainable fitness. For nearly two decades as a strategic sales and technology executive for firms like Edifecs, Cognizant, Infosys, and IBM. Is also the Founder of TAB Fit.


Board Member

Ravi Ramanujulu

Ravi is co-founder of Ticketnew. He has sold a stake in his company to Alibaba and Paytm. Ravi is an angel investor from Silicon Valley who has also invested in Truweight, Rakaka, and a few other startups.

deep technology and sector expertise

Board Advisors


Board Advisor

Sandeep Kishore

Sandeep is a key strategist, proven CEO, trusted board director and advisor, highly effective coach. An alumnus of globally-renowned IIT Bombay, Sandeep is currently an Executive Partner at Siris Capital Group.

The Team

Dedicated to the vision of global wellness with a zest for change


CEO, Founder, and Board Member

Rohit Bhardwaj

Rohit is a successful bay area entrepreneur who had launched a healthcare solutions company in 2014 and has done more than 8 M$ worth of business in the healthcare space while launching a unique healthcare product offering. Rohit is the founder of TAB and brings immense personal passion to challenge the status quo around personal training.


Fitness guru and Trainer onboarding expert

Rachael Takesaka

Rachael is a fitness expert and has a very powerful story of her own. She lost 80 pounds and is one of the pioneers in the online and in-person fitness world. Her job is to guide the team with the dos and don'ts of the fitness industry along with onboarding trainers to TAB.


Chief technical architect

Raj Rao

Raj is an architect and mobile developer for several years. His experience range from working as mobile SDK head for Salesforce to leading Google’s gaming platform. Raj brings in a ton of experience needed to make TAB a fitness and sports platform of the future. Raj is busy designing the product roadmap of TAB and calls silicon valley his home.


Marketing Mastermind

Nihanth Guntur

Nihanth is ex-Byju’s sales and marketing campaign lead and is a marketing expert. Nihanth brings youth and energy to TAB Fit’s varied marketing requirements, right from establishing Facebook, Google, and email marketing, Nihanth knows it all.

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