Our Mission

To inspire action through interaction by connecting people in real-time and providing them with motivation, accountability, and the power to define their own fitness journeys.

The Board


Board Member

Satish Malhotra​

Satish is currently the CEO of the container store (Ex COO Sephora) and brings in tons of experience from his vast work in the field of beauty and fitness.​ Satish joins TAB as an esteemed board member.​


Board Member

Rohit Bhardwaj

Rohit is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, healthcare technology visionary, and advocate of sustainable fitness. For nearly two decades as a strategic sales and technology executive for firms like Edifecs, Cognizant, Infosys, and IBM. Is also the Founder of TAB Fit.


Board Member

Ravi Ramanujulu​

Ravi is co-founder of Ticketnew. He has sold a stake in his company to Alibaba and Paytm. Ravi is an angel investor from Silicon Valley who has also invested in Truweight, Rakaka, and a few other startups.

deep technology and sector expertise

Board Advisors


Board Advisor

Sandeep Kishore

Sandeep is a key strategist, proven CEO, trusted board director and advisor, highly effective coach. An alumnus of globally-renowned IIT Bombay, Sandeep is currently an Executive Partner at Siris Capital Group.

The Team

Dedicated to the vision of global wellness with a zest for change


CEO, Founder, and Board Member​

Rohit Bhardwaj​

Rohit is a successful bay area entrepreneur who had launched a healthcare solutions company in 2014 and has done more than 8 M$ worth of business in the healthcare space while launching a unique healthcare product offering. Rohit is the founder of TAB and brings immense personal passion to challenge the status quo around personal training.​


Fitness guru and Trainer onboarding expert​

Rachael Takesaka​

Rachael is a fitness expert and has a very powerful story of her own. She lost 80 pounds and is one of the pioneers in the online and in-person fitness world.​ Her job is to guide the team with the dos and don'ts of the fitness industry along with onboarding trainers to TAB.​


Chief technical architect​

Raj Rao​

Raj is an architect and mobile developer for several years. His experience range from working as mobile SDK head for Salesforce to leading Google’s gaming platform. Raj brings in a ton of experience needed to make TAB a fitness and sports platform of the future. Raj is busy designing the product roadmap of TAB and calls silicon valley his home.​


Marketing Mastermind​

Nihanth Guntur

Nihanth is ex-Byju’s sales and marketing campaign lead and is a marketing expert. Nihanth brings youth and energy to TAB Fit’s varied marketing requirements, right from establishing Facebook, Google, and email marketing, Nihanth knows it all.​

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